Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Been A Minute.....But I'm BACK YA DIIIIIIIIIIIGG??

What's up to all my loyal readers! Please forgive me as I have been busy on the grind as well as finding love..hey, can't blame a girl for gettin' ish together right? I have been working on a few projects and trying to get this money. I also have found what I call my "beautiful blessing"...and he has been keeping a smile on my face. My lil man is still doing well and is SUPER smart and healthy, so i have absolutely NO complaints and I know that God is doing some work on me right now. It's a wondeful thing. I have noticed that I haven't been as aggresive and mean and impatient lately, which means that growing and maturity are playing a major role in my life. I think the new boo has a lot to do with that but I will save that for another post =0)

Well I'll be back later on with some really interesting post and more interactive discussions so look out for those!

Nita J