Monday, August 31, 2009

Nita J's "D.T.T.M.S.J." Campaign (Death to the Male Skinny Jean)

If you follow me on Twitter ( you already know that I am EXTREMELY adamant about the banning of males wearing skinny jeans! OMG I HATE before the more tailored-styled men get upset, there is a BIG difference between skinny jeans and fitted good with me if you wear the fitteds..i personally prefer it since baggy pants went out with Finger Waves lol!

This is acceptable ...

To me skinny jeans are an ABOMINATION of fashion and you should be shot for wearing them..and you MOST DEFINITELY need not look my way to holla with them summbytches on LOL...Lets examine this new male skinny jean "trend" shall we ((uuuuugghh that hurt me to type "trend" next to that))

ARE YOU FUKKIN' KIDDIN' MEEEEEEEE??? I don't care what ya'll say but this shyt is effin' seriously....where do the balls go?? uuuuuugh I get mad when I see grown men wearing this mess..especially if they're like 6'5 290 lbs lol #wheretheydothatat ?? LOL!

In Conclusion...PLEEEEEEZE do NOT do this to yourself! ......That is all...

You're Not Going to "KRUSH GROOVE"??? #wheretheydothatat and #killyaselfslow

BIG SHOUT OUT to my buddy Cali..he's like my FAVE go-getter..if you're in the 7-cites area of VA this Labor Day weekend (or Richmond or DC for that matter)...YOU NEED TO BE AT THIS SHINDIG!! Like seriously...if you go anywhere else you're gonna have a wack time cuz everyone will be at this event lol! So Get EXTRA KRISPY and SUPER WAVY and BE HERE...and ya girl might even slyde thru and make an appearance..that should be enough reason for you to go LOL!!
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You Bettah Get it Ree Ree!

Ok so I was browsing the 'net to find some fashion pics to analyze...and this is what I found! Ree Ree is killin' it! This pic stuck out to me because if any of ya'll know me..this is SO something I would rock LOL!! All black is always chic no matter the season, but if you are going to do an all black ensemble I would suggest using a statement piece to set off the look.. i.e. Her shoes which I think are FAB-O! Brightly colored nails and lip color make this outfit AND her personality POP and me likey... Nita J approved...Kudos to Ree Ree's stylist!

Yooooooooo...What's gooooodyyyyyy....

Big warm welcome and hugs to all my lovelies..SO glad you decided to grace my blog with your presence...This should be a fun and exciting mind moves a mile a second I'm giving you a mental tour through this here blog..

My blog will be pretty sporadic in nature meaning I talk about whatever is on my mind..but will be focused on relationships, fashion, advice (i give good/funny advice lol), money, events, and music.

Just want to put a little disclosure out there before I give you what you need..ya digg??

Yo...DO NOT...I repeat..DO NOT take any of what I say personally..unless, that is, if I personally mention ya name..I'm using this blog as a way of mentally and emotionally expressing myself through the art of my everyday vernacular and if you feel some type of way about it...this is what you do...

Step 1: Take control of you mouse or that little touch pad thingy on ya laptop..
Step 2: Move the cursor to that little red X in the top right hand corner of this screen...
Step 3: Click it..
Step 4: STFU and get over yourself! LOL!!

Nah but seriously though, everything I say is all my opinion, most of which is based off of well known fact or my own life experiences and I obviously don't expect everyone to agree with me..But hey..still got love for you! Feel free to email me with any comments you may have or you may comment here..

Smooches Lovelies! BRB!