Tuesday, September 15, 2009

..:::Asking 2 Much? SO WHAT!:::...

After careful examination and consideration and dating and meeting new guys and not feeling a spark and this and that..I decided to make a list of AAAAAAAAALLL of the qualities I look for in a man. Now, I know what you're thinkin'..another chick makin' one of "those lists"..but for real..I'm not only doing it in hopes to find the right guy, I'm doin' this to see if maybe I'm asking waaay to much or expecting waaaay too much when seeking a significant other...Sometimes I think I am BUT at the same time, I think it's very, very necessary ..I am a firm believer that you have to truly know what you want and not to be content until you find it..I WILL NOT settle and I encourage everyone to consider that as well...

So here goes..and this list is in no particular order of importance and I probably will be adding to it all the time lol...

1) Exudes positive energy
2) Can have an intellectual convo w/ me (because sometimes I can get real deep..u gotta hang with me)
3) Integrity

4) Has a mind of his own
5) Loyal
6) Financially Stable (BUT trust if I rock w/ you and you're going through rough times, i gotchu..)
7) Honest

8) Creative with the gifts (doesn't have to be anything big, I love the little things)
9) Can appreciate a strong-minded women
10) EXTREMELY confident!!!!!
11) Doesn't mind expressing his emotions and showing he cares
12) Street Smarts/Corporate Smarts/Common Smarts
13) Can speak proper English
14) Romantic
15) A gentleman
16) Sense of Humor
17) Can put it down in the bedroom (has to want it as much as I do..if not it's not gonna work LOL)
18) Has goals and is actually WORKING toward's one thing to have a goal, it's another to really chase after what you want..
19) Family-Oriented
20) Respects women
21) My family must like him (after all, they know me best)
22) a good role model, I have a son..can't be bringing just anybody around him..
23) Affectionate
24) Not insecure!!!!
25) Supportive of his lady
26) Inquisitive
27) Intelligent
28) Attractive
28) Respectful
29) Has Fashion Sense
30) Adventurous

31) Generous
32) Has a Big Heart (because I do)
33) Understands I need my space sometimes
34) Can put up with my attitude LOL!
35) Not selfish
36) ALWAYS SMELLS GOOD (i have a thing for men and good smelling cologne)
37) Goes with his heart, not what others tell him
38) REAL Music Lover
39) Cultured
40) Doesn't let his pride stand in the way of his heart
41) Doesn't mind his lady taking the lead sometimes
42) Spontaneous
43) Not afraid to disagree with me sometimes


Marvelous Roc said...

I see u put it all out there Ms Nita... u will know who is right 4 u just as I will.... just don't fall for those that act like what u want... some dudes are actors..

TomO said...

lol id like to say i meet ALLL ur requirements with flyin colors...where does one apply lol jk idk u like that....

and o yea i 2nd wat Marvelous sed.

kim said...
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Ava Sky said...

*high five* now bc ur one of my favs take your list down bc i dont want any phonies tryn to fit your requirements and pretending to be...smh! But u arent asking for alot...we have to have standards as we know we are diamond minds!

Wayne Royale said...

That's a lot of qualifications but I feel like you have to want the best. If you don't then who will? I'm picky as well so I'll be single until I meet a woman who can roll with my qualifications. Good post.