Saturday, September 5, 2009

..::Happy Saturday Lovelies! Daily Motivation!::..

~*~Welcome Criticism~*~

When you are sincere in your efforts, you have nothing to fear from criticism. For when you are sincere, criticism can make you stronger and more effective.

Listen eagerly to those who disagree with you. Seek to genuinely understand their perspectives.
Don't get caught up in the need to prove you are right. Focus instead on more fully understanding what is true, what is workable, and what is best for everyone.

The willingness to be open to criticism is one of the surest signs that you're on a successful and authentic path. If you feel the need to avoid or evade or ignore your critics, it may well be time to re-evaluate your efforts.

Intelligently responding to the doubts of others will reduce your own doubts and help your confidence grow. From the criticism, you can gain much valuable and useful information.

Welcome the criticism, and respond with sincere gratitude. Being challenged is one of the most enriching experiences you can have.

-- Ralph Marston