Wednesday, September 2, 2009

uuuuuuuumm WTF Was She Thinkin' and Who is her Stylist???

Ok lovelies...I am at a loss for words...well not really! lol...Our lil diva from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree steps out for the premier of the drama-filled reality show and shows up like this...Have ya'll seen this????

...Ok, FIRST OF ALL...I KNOW she couldn't have paid for this monstrosity because my 3 year old could have done this with some Jam (w/ the green top lol) and Elmer's seriously..what statement are you trying to make here Rey Rey? You have a clothing line coming out, let's be more careful about the image you give off...cuz this is a HOT MESS lol! I was even watching the Wendy Williams show and she was on and said "Well, it was cute from the side.."... no boo-boo..we have the side view..and it's as bad as the rest of it, LOL! I hope this isn't a reflection of that new line cuz if it is....woooooow lol....Sorry you don't get the Nita J seal of approval for this one..... No Sir-eeeeeee...