Friday, September 4, 2009

..::Good Day Lovelies! Daily Motivation!::..

~*~Make life great~*~

There are endless ways to become more efficient, yet there is no way to shortcut this fundamental fact. You cannot possibly get more from life than what you put into it.

You can be very clever and think up all sorts of ways to cheat. What you end up doing, though, is cheating yourself most of all.

If you run or hide from the challenges, life's greatest rewards will never find you. When you avoid the difficulties, you also miss out on the fulfillment.

For it is in making a difference that you make a life. It is by working through the challenges that you build real and meaningful value.

Your success is up to you. Think about that, and you'll see that you really wouldn't want it any other way.

Accept that life can be difficult at times. It is through that acceptance that you are truly able to make life great.

-- Ralph Marston