Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Diary...

So I went to bed in a funk and woke up in an even bigger really has a way to throw some serious obstacles at you....but hey...that's life.

One of my biggest fears is failure and when I feel like something is about to slow me down and fukk up my flow, I take a detour from my regular route. I try to figure out how to re-work what I go going on so that failure is not an option..I have always been like that..always having a Plan B, C, D, E, and F..that's how you gotta do it sometimes..But last night, I'm not sure what happened...I got hit with an obstacle and before I went to the drawing board to start my plan B, I cried...and just said "Damn, I'm tired of these fukkin' detours...."

..Sometimes your path is not going to be straight and to the point, and you have to realize that whether you like it or not, speed bumps and potholes do exist...You are going to have to hop off that path real quick, analyze it, and re-evaluate what you got going on so that later on down the road, you won't have to be detoured, you'll be able to just hop over the obstacles...

So that's what I'm doing today lovelies...working out my Plan B through Plan Q lol...but you know what? I'm STILL going to remain positive and flash my pearly whites and my 1 dimple..because crying and complaining about it will do nothing but interfere with progression...

I will end this post with this:

"Keep going, Keep moving. We must continue to do the right thing day in and day out. Some seasons it will feel like nothing is moving for us. But remember, we must learn to trust the process, not our feelings." -Rev Run