Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Good morning Ladies and Gents..Good day to you..This post will serve as both my Daily Motivation and a "just because" post.

I woke up today in a fabulous mood but something was slightly disturbing my spirit so I decided to blog about it, get it out and let it go, so I can continue to basque in the ambience that is my Good Morning, lol!

I am starting to realize that as I get older and a little more experienced in life, it's so much easier to point out who is meant to and not meant to be in my life. I think I am meeting a lot of people who are phony and/or negative and don't do anything to contribute to the progression of my life. They smile and laugh in your face but are secretly praying for your downfall so that they will have the upper hand...I call these ignorant individuals "decepticons". There individuals can be "friends", associates, family members, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives...anyone who is in your life and does not have your best interest at heart but acts as if they do..

These people, I think, have underlying self-esteem and security issues and are only happy when they are seemingly doing better than people around them, so instead of doing things to pick up those around them , thet shoot them down, whether it's verbally and through indirect actions. They have no intentions of being your "friend" or supporting any kind of endeavor your are involved in if it doesn't pertain to them.

So lovelies as you go through your normal everyday lives, watch closely who you come in contact with..if you feel anything but positive energy when you surround yourself with that person or person(s) then you need to do an about face, sprint the other way and give that Decepticon the Heave-Ho!!!! lol

That is all..Smooches!!


MarvelousRoc said...

I like this term Decepitcons I'll be sure watch out for those... like I said before actors...

Wayne Royale said...

That's a good word for them. Here's the thing. You're always gonna have haters in everything you do in life. You're gonna have haters at work, in your fam, social life and business-life. A sign you're doing big things is when you get more and more haters. Katt Williams joked about that but that joke he said has a lot of truth. For every good friend and supporter there will be a hater. Even President Obama has haters right now!