Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What idiot at B.E.T. thought it was cool to let Frankie and Neffie get TV time?

I had already given up on B.E.T. a long time ago..when I started to notice that they were trying so hard to be like MTV that they we're losing focus of what the station was really about. I have now lost all respect. How do you justify giving Frankie and Neffie there own show???

After watching Keisha Cole's show and seeing the pain and tragedy that this family had endured, I would think that time in the spotlight would be the last thing this family needed. They obviously need serious SERIOUS SERIOUS therapy..and not the on camera bull-ish that we saw...they need HELP!

Now Neffie looks like she has an ounce of sense now but I mean Frankie? I just think it's wrong that B.E.T. is capitalizing off of her radical behavior and calling it entertainment. Don't put her in the spotlight for her crackish behavior to be ridiculed...get her some HELP! THEN we can talk TV time...I'm sorry but that station reallu makes me mad..geeeeeeezzzz...