Friday, September 11, 2009

~*~Top of the Mornin' 2 ya! Daily Motivation People!~*~

~*~Get it behind you~*~

When there's something you must do, that you don't want to do, what's the best approach? Though it is certainly counter intuitive, the best approach is to enthusiastically jump in and get it done.

It doesn't serve any useful purpose to focus on how much you detest the task. That just delays the completion and makes you feel even worse.

So just for a little while, for your own benefit, pretend that you're thoroughly enjoying it. Remind yourself that the more you enjoy it, the quicker and more effectively you'll get it done.

In fact, as you make swift progress, you might actually find yourself really, truly enjoying it. After all, you'll definitely feel great when you have it done.

Choose not to needlessly punish yourself with resentment. Instead, reward yourself with discipline, focus and achievement.

Select a positive, powerful attitude about the task at hand. Before you know it, you'll have it behind you.

-- Ralph Marston